Security Infrastructure Solutions
Data security is undoubtedly the need of the hour as nearly 64% of all data breaches involved malicious cyber attacks. With the advancement of technology, breaching someone’s online database is just a child play, therefore, it is crucial to safeguard your critical assets and information from cyber threats & vulnerabilities. Here at Deltron Technologies, we count on a professional team to protect your data from cyber threats. From server details to your in-house team and customer management software, our experts render world-class security infrastructure solutions for IT companies to ensure data security at every level of business. We specialize in maintaining and protecting your data whenever it goes beyond the safety walls. If you wonder why IT security infrastructure is a must, here are some features & benefits that we provide.
  • It enables you to expand your business without worrying about the data breaches and other cyber threats.
  • IT security infrastructure solutions protect your data at every platform, even when it laps the security layer.
  • We help you unlock the potential of your hybrid multi-cloud to keep your data somewhere in clouds, where breaching is impossible.
  • IT security infrastructure solutions help you in identifying potential threats and prevent them on time.
  • It differs between firewalls and includes site survey and asset inventorying as well.
  • Get lower downtime with best-in-class security with our IT Security solutions.
How We Build Security?

With years of experience, proven methodologies, and the latest tools & software, we provide the best solutions against the ever-growing threats of a cyber attack. Deltron Technologies is solely committed to safeguards the international community and business owners with critical infrastructures from cyber threats & risks. We have unparalleled industry-expertise and knowledge in operating security control systems every day. Trusted by leading companies around the world, we are working with a global clientele to help them with robust IT security infrastructure solutions.

  • Gathering Critical Information

It includes discussing business processes, operations, and identifying the most valued information that needs to be shackled.

  • Mark the Threat

IT Security Infrastructure involves up to 5 formats therefore it is crucial to identify the threat before planning.

  • Asses & Define

Company’s sensitive side and information to be discussed in this phase.

  • Planning & Execution

Our experts plan IT security infrastructure, keeping your business in mind, and carrying out the plan carefully.

  • Measure & Maintain

We make sure that the new security infrastructure has the capability to prevent and identify potential threats and works smoothly.

Our Solutions

Secure, Scalable Servers

Deltron Technologies enables you to scale and boost your cloud security strategy without affecting security.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Storage

Our IT Security Infrastructure solutions are settled beyond data backup & recovery with the capability to offer native cloud experiences.

Mainframes for Big Organizations

With our feature-packed offerings, including data privacy passports, your data will be safe & encrypted while it moves across hybrid multi-cloud.

Secure, Robust, and Faster Hybrid Clouds

Get the right cloud with the precise privacy and security you require. It helps you jump through security risks, migration, and other challenges.
Why Choose Our IT Security Infrastructure Services?

A professional team at Deltron Technologies, offer consultancy services and affordable services across a comprehensive range of critical infrastructure sectors, mining operations, healthcare, water plants, power & gas transmission plants, etc. With a proven track record in IT security infrastructure, we have developed a reliable relationship with a fortune of nearly 200 companies across various business verticals. We also have collaborated with the leading IT security infrastructure companies to develop the next big thing, apart from this there are several reasons to choose us as your preferred IT security partner.

  • Modern Data Protection

It can identify data recovery, retention, and data reuse.

  • Improved Data Lifecycle

Enjoy our data passport services to meet today’s business demands.

  • Multi-layered Data Security

It enables you to protect & optimize your business with a versatile approach to server security.