End-to-end Payroll Outsourcing Services
Whether you just want to get free from giving out paychecks to your employee or to improve the efficiency of your business, outsourcing payroll is perhaps the easiest way. The administration of payroll can be surprisingly challenging for both home and overseas, with no difference in the two countries. As an essential part of your company’s functionalities & operations, it is a must to ensure that your payroll system runs smoothly. Deltron Technologies is one of the leading staffing service providers in India that offers affordable payroll outsourcing services. Our professional team offers world-class payroll solutions to a global clientele following agile methodologies and using the latest tools. Here are some benefits & features of availing payroll management services.
  • It helps the entire life cycle of the employee, right from the on boarding to exit.
  • Outsourcing payroll management can assist you in reducing investment in IT infrastructure.
  • Enjoy ever-increasing benefits with low-risk of penalties due to non-compliance.
  • Payroll management software can save you precious time by integrating the human resource and accounting departments.
  • One of the best features that you will get with our payroll solution is that it will track employee earnings.
  • It enables direct depositing to the bank account, which makes you free from many other responsibilities.
Our Approach To Render World-class Payroll Management Services

Deltron Technologies is a leading company, offering professional services cost-effectively. With our focus on becoming viable and strategic, we are the most preferred choice of companies looking forward to outsourcing payroll management. Our professional HR & payroll experts understand the whole intricacies of legislation & custom and can provide you with in-country access to the person handling your data. Struggling with increasing challenges, our HR administration can ease all the complexities resisting you from achieving your organizational goals. With a proven track record in payroll management, we follow a strategically formulated plan that is mentioned below;

  • Gathering Inputs

Our payroll process involves incorporating multiple departments and personnel to extract inputs, including mid-salary revision data, attendance data, etc.

  • Payroll Calculation

At this stage, the validated data inputs are entered into the payroll system for actual processing. It results in the net pay after adjusting necessary taxes and other taxes.

  • Payroll Accounting

Every enterprise maintains a record of all the financial transactions. Salary payment is probably one of the most significant parts of operations. As an essential part of payroll management, we check that all the salary and reimbursement data is entered accurately.

  • Reporting

After successful completion of payroll for one month, the finance and high management team may look for reports, including department, cost-wise, location-wise employee cost, etc.

Our Services

Managed Payroll Services

Our multi-country payroll services are designed to serve a global clientele indulge in various business verticals. It includes payment processing and more.

Compliance Management

Deltron Technologies is backed by a professional team, having expertise in advanced technologies to ensure 100% compliances & data security.

Human Capital Management

With secured access to ‘Employee Self Service’ portals, we enable your employee to access their payroll information to bring transparency in pay, tax, leave, attendance, reimbursement, etc.

Pre-employment Screening

We assist your HR administration to ensure easy selection through precise candidate screening, which includes pre-employment testing.
Our Competency - Benefits of Our Payroll Management Services

By outsourcing your payroll management to Deltron Technologies, you get an opportunity to uncover the potential opportunity by saving precious time and strengthening the bottom line of your business. We are a fully-owned company, not a subcontracts part of any services – likewise many other payroll management companies. With our expertise and successful business practices, we can help you minimize the risk of losing customers due to poor customer servings. Here are some advantages of choosing us as your preferred payroll management partner.

  • We have the flexibility in recruiting both temporary and permanent staff.
  • Our experts help in reducing the overall cost of unemployment.
  • We are capable of managing costs as per the project size.
  • All the employees payrolled through Deltron Technologies can be hired for full time without any additional fees.
  • Traveling and other costs can be managed with the invoices.
  • Our dedicated team manager will report you periodically at your convenience.