End-of-Life Product Solutions
All the leading companies have realized that launching new products is way easier and inexpensive than retiring the old one. Outdated products are difficult to maintain as it requires resources with expertise in outdated technologies, those are willing to stick to the same. However, there is another issue that if the service is not managed properly, it could affect your brand’s reputation online. To minimize the risk of both the companies & users, Deltron Technologies offers best-in-class End-of-Life product services. Also called refurbished sales, EOL involves a product that has expired from the company’s side, but the demand is still high in the market and the product has been successfully restored to working order. Deltron Technologies and the team dedicatedly engaged in End of Life maintenance of products built on outdated technologies.
  • Compatibility: Technological compatibility is an essential check when buying a new product. With EOL solutions you won’t lose that compatibility.
  • Legal Liability: If you are dealing with products with specific requirements of data storage, EOL solutions can help you abide by all the rules & regulations.
  • Cost Reduction: Launching a new product is easier than EOL, but refurbishing and retired products can save you millions.
  • Here at Deltron Technologies, our experts ensure everything, including customer retention rate.
  • Get improved customer services and better return on investment with our complete end of product solutions.
  • We have the largest network in selling refurbished goods.
Our End-of-Life Process

Trusted by organizations with mature products, Deltron Technologies is a leading firm dealing in End-of-Life product solutions. Our services ensure improved ROI by uplifting products reaching EOL for catalog rationalization. We also leverage technological advancement for product sustenance, respond to market signals, and implement the new marketing strategies. Our professional team manages resources for abrupt ramp-ups and downs right from the release to platform migration to ensure legacy modernization. We work in a close relationship with the customers and engineers to revitalize outdated products. The ultimate goal is to get customer attention so we ensure things to be arranged as per the following process. 

  • The Discussion

In this, the experts will reach out to you and discuss your requirements and goals you want to meet with our world-class solutions.

  • New Version

Once we check all your needs, we start formulating a new strategy that aims to assist you in approaching your organizational goals.

  • End of the Technology

The entire process of End-of-Life products stands here, in which part we terminate the technology and release a new one to be replaced that is scalable & compatible.

  • Competitive Pressure

That isn’t a big deal for a company like Deltron Technologies as we have been rendering world-class EOL services for a long time. Our strategists know how to handle this competitive pressure smoothly.

Our End-of-Life Services Includes

Professional Services

Enjoy our end-to-end EOL solutions including sales and maintenance of refurbished products.

Technical Support

Our professional executives are trained to answer your client’s queries to resolve the related concern.

Sustenance Engineering/Bug Fixing

Outdated products often come up with some common issues, including compatibility, our dedicated resources will handle this professionally.

EOL Products Ownership

We render affordable End-of-Life solutions to leading OEMs like HP, Dell, and IBM, and the products undergo a rigorous quality check before surfacing market.
Why Choose Us for EOL Services?

Established in 2017, Deltron Technologies is one of the rapidly growing product services companies, we bet to render best-in-class services cost-effectively. Intending to improve customer experiences, we strive to boost operations and assist our customers around the globe in achieving better business outcomes. We work with several leading companies from various business verticals including telecom & semiconductors, retail & logistics, and entertainment, electronics, etc. Here are some exciting benefits that we strive to provide to all the customers.

  • Time Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Industry-expertise
  • Experienced Resources
  • Affordable Services