Recruitment Process Outsourcing
There are plenty of ways to understand the meaning of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Processionals take it as activity & process management, some consider RPO as owning the entire recruitment function and process of companies, while others think deploying recruiters at the client’s place is what RPO means. Ultimately, all the definitions address outsourcing the recruitment process to specialized recruiting agencies to ensure resource optimization, timely delivery, cost centers, and efficiency. Deltron Technologies is an industry-leader, deals in recruitment process outsourcing, managed services, and work solutions. Our offerings range from recruitment, staff management to staffing technology. Gain insights from the following outsource recruitment process.
  • Lower cost per hire: It reduces average cost-per-hire by up to 50% to improve organizational performance.
  • Quick & Affordable Hiring: Outsourcing can reduce your time-per-hire by up to 40% to minimize productivity loss.
  • Accessibility to multiple sourcing channels: It means to leverage formerly overlooked sourcing channels to access a bigger pool of talent.
  • Utmost Accuracy & Transparency: Our professionals will measure and track performance using KPIs and SLAs.
  • Outsourcing Recruitment Process maintains talent engagement efficiently.
  • We formulate a strategic hiring strategy that includes an in-depth discussion of your requirements.
  • Our team ensures pre-employment screening and plans your workforce.
Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Process

Here at Deltron Technologies, our RPO process includes dedicated & qualified recruiters, latest staffing technologies, and successful industry practices to revamp an organization’s talent acquisition. Our recruitment process outsourcing process is designed to incorporate your business, culture, hiring policies, and streamline your recruitment process to deliver skilled candidates that will be the right fit for your organization. Aligned with your recruiting manager, our RPO services are result-driven and cost-effective, It includes the following steps that we take care to deliver best-in-class services with the utmost efficiency.

  • Workforce Planning: We evaluate your talent supply, demand, and market compensation using talent analytics. 
  • Resourcing: Nearly 85% of jobs are tracked via networking, therefore we have added deep sourcing as an essential part of our recruitment strategy.
  • Candidate Screening: Our rigorous screening session includes skill assessment, behavioral, and personality evaluation when interviewing from a pool of candidates.
  • Recruitment: As a leading RPO company, we are specialized in both active & passive candidates to get the right fit for your organization.

Reporting: We understand communication as the secret of our success, hence provide periodic analysis and reports.

What Do We Offer?

On-demand RPO

A contractual engagement that needs a candidate to play several roles and responsibilities in a pre-defined period.

Function-based RPO

Our organization learns about your recruiting needs right from the company’s plate.

Full RPO

With the industry know-how and technical expertise, we can professionally handle a company’s entire recruitment process including access to complete resources.

Vendoring Partnering

We work in a close relationship with vendors to ensure that they are operating efficiently and supplying qualified candidates.

Workforce Planning

We provide our customers with workforce management to determine recruitment needs, complete support across the entire RPO process.
Benefits of Choosing us Your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner

By selecting us as your preferred recruitment process outsourcing partner, you get the opportunity to leverage industry-expertise and proficiency of our professional recruiters. If you are striving to transform your business process and serve your customers better, partnering with an RPO company can be a game-changer. With years of experience, we are rendering the best RPO services cost-effectively with the following benefits.

  • Talent Engagement

We formulate precise and multi-channel recruitment strategies using creative & innovative methods to attract & engage the right talent.

  • Discover & Improvements

Competing both in-house teams and incumbent providers in the market is one of our biggest strengths. 

  • Compliance

While rendering RPO services, we always ensure that our RPO solutions are compliant and promoting strong business values.

  • Cost-effective

Industry-expertise and technical advances have enabled us to provide world-class recruitment process outsourcing services cost-effectively.