End-to-end Staffing
Services for IT Companies
Today’s businesses require agility and proficiency, which can be achieved by listening and understanding our client’s requirements and people’s career lookout. Deltron Technologies is a leading company offering professional services specialized in staffing & recruiting solutions for IT companies. We have developed an exceptional perspective on the requirements & intersection of resources for IT companies. Being a renowned company, we assist you in achieving and optimizing the most essential and strategic aspects of business success by onboarding the right people with the right skill set, competencies, and perspective.
  • Opting for an IT staffing agency can save you precious time.
  • It allows you to choose the right candidate from a bigger talent pool.
  • IT staffing services are cost-effective and enables you to leverage the company’s expertise.
  • Reduced overheads of your in-house team and increased productivity.
  • Our IT staffing services are aligned to reduce the friction between the hiring managers.
  • With our professional executives, you can enjoy the accountability of our company.
  • Enjoy our customized recruitment services and get hold of the best talent at your convenience.
  • IT staffing agencies ensure the best talent to handle your company’s roles & responsibilities professionally.
Steps We Take For The Right Talent Acquisition?

At Deltron, we understand the challenges that IT companies are facing and we have crafted a recruitment strategy to provide the right candidate to ease those challenges. Recruiting to fill crucial technical positions with the most skilled candidates is perhaps the biggest challenge even for the leading IT staffing companies. As an experienced staffing company, we can provide you with the necessary support, saving time, efforts, and money while serving your customers with the utmost accuracy. Draining a company’s internal process by onboarding top IT experts is our expertise. Here is how we mark our steps in IT staffing services.

  • Planning

It is a must for every project and in staffing services, it includes staff estimation and analyzing the company’s hiring policy.

  • Candidate Screening

Screening is an essential part of recruiting, which triggered to filter the diamond among all, after all, your company deserves the best.

  • Recruitment & Selection

It includes recruiting talented applicants to fill the technical position of your company. We follow high standards while talent acquisition.

  • Training & Development

This is to provide training to newly hired candidates as well as existing employees to boost productivity and bring coordination among all.

  • Performance Monitoring

It deals with the performance of all staff members and we fix a standard to evaluate the efficiency of all.

Our Services

Remote Staffing

Get ideal candidates from millions of skilled people with a seamless set up to handle any project efficiently & remotely.

Customized Staffing

With our professional IT staffing services, you can hire for one day, one week, one month, or as long as you require.

Temporary Hiring

If you are looking for full-time IT professionals, you will no longer be in search. We are your best bet to find someone to grow your business efficiently.

Managed Staffing Solutions

Find the right staffing solution for your complex business needs and stay ahead of the competition.
Why Choose Deltron as Your Staffing Partner?

We have been rendering best-in-class IT staffing services for over 4 years and have gained a competitive edge with a proven strategy, strength, and core competence. Deltron Technologies strives to leverage highly scalable recruiting & delivery engines. We have helped 300+ companies over the years while ensuring the utmost quality, consistency, speed, competitive prices, and organizational success. Top reasons to choose us include;

  • Expertise Beyond Algorithms

While leading companies are solely relying on recruiting software for talent acquisition. Our expert merges years of experience with AI-based technologies.

  • Right Fit For Your Needs

Remotely, contract, or permanent – no matter what you need, our experts come up with the highly talented and professional candidates for your fit.

  • Affordable & Scalable

We have got 97.8% client satisfaction and retention with our affordable and scalable IT staffing services.