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Remember those quick and easy websites generated through Google My Business? They’re closing up shop on March 1st, 2024. Google has announced the shutdown of these free websites associated with Google Business Profiles, leaving many small businesses wondering: why now, and what does it mean for you?Why the Shut Down?Google cites its desire to streamline the overall user experience as the primary reason for the closure. The free websites were considered basic and limited in functionality, and Google wants to direct users towards a more comprehensive offering, like Google Sites, their website builder platform. Additionally, the company seeks to consolidate its resources and focus on developing higher-quality features for the core Business Profile experience. What Happens to Your Website?While the free websites disappear, your essential Business Profile remains untouched. All the information you meticulously curated, like your description, contact details, photos, and reviews, will still be accessible to potential customers through Google Maps and Search.
Google is shutting down websites made with Business Profiles
                    Google is shutting down websites made with Business Profiles
However, come March 1st, visitors attempting to access your previous domain will be redirected to your Business Profile. This redirect acts as a temporary bridge until June 10th, 2024. After that date, clicking your old domain will result in a dreaded “page not found” error.What Should You Do?So, what steps should you take to avoid website oblivion?Google encourages businesses to consider these options:
  • Claim your website domain: If you previously purchased a custom domain for your free website, Google allows you to claim it and connect it to a new website of your choice. This ensures continuity and brand recognition.
  • Build a new website: Google Sites offers a free, user-friendly option for creating a more robust website. Alternatively, explore other website builders or hire a professional web developer for a tailored solution.
  • Update your Business Profile: Ensure your profile contains all essential information and high-quality visuals to make a strong first impression on potential customers.
  • Promote your website: Once your new website is up and running, promote it across your social media channels, email marketing, and any offline materials.
Beyond the Shutdown:The closure of these free websites marks a shift in Google’s approach to supporting small businesses online. While it may cause temporary inconvenience, it could ultimately lead to a more advanced and unified experience for businesses and customers alike. Remember, this is an opportunity to create a website that truly reflects your brand and caters to your unique needs. Embrace the change, and watch your online presence evolve!