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The seminar at DAV Centenary College Faridabad was a huge success, featuring exceptional students of DAVCC. The focus of the session was on career guidance and bridging the gap between education and the corporate world.

The students had a truly engaging experience during the career counseling session led by Dr. Sonia Duggal, Associate Professor at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, and consultant at DeltronTNP, along with Anupam Anand, CEO and Co-Founder of Deltron Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who provided insights into the corporate requirements and challenges faced by students. This session not only imparted extensive knowledge but also received exceptional feedback from the students who expressed their gratitude for the invaluable tips shared by both speakers on various aspects such as job hunting, training opportunities, internships, and techniques to enhance their resumes.

Shivangi Pandey, Human Resource and Manoj kumar, Digital Marketing from Deltron team played a crucial role in making this event successful. Indresh Mishra, Director EcoSylantech Solutions Private Limited and Divanshu Kapoor, Director Deltron Technologies also attended the event, interacting with both the DAV team and students to share their insights.

The event was expertly organized by Dr Meenakshi Hooda, Head of a Department BCA, Professor Tanu Kwatra, and Rajwinder Kaur who hosted us with great hospitality. To conclude the event, Dr Savita Bhagat, Principal of DAVCC presented plants as tokens of appreciation to both speakers Anupam and Sonia. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the entire team for organizing such an amazing interactive session with such a wonderful group of students from DAVCC.

We send our warmest regards to students as they embark on their future endeavors, and we enthusiastically anticipate attending additional sessions that can support them in shaping their career paths.

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